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Buying guide for best drivers. Even if you only set it occasionally, an adjustable hosel could be the difference between needing a new driver when your swing improves, of sticking with your current club for years to come. The Sub Zero features a slightly smaller head than the original to make it more workable, if less forgiving. These features all have one purpose: minimizing drag by manipulating or smoothing turbulence. Read on to know everything about these five choices. When drivers strive to make the most aerodynamic shape, they often do so by creating an unwieldy balance through the club. No, I’m not the professional golfer with the same name as me… I am a golf enthusiast though! But our favorite all-around driver this year is the Callaway Mavrik. They are best for swings of more than 90 miles per hour. If you are the type of player who prefers a flat ball flight and minimum spin, this may be the club for you. Deciding on a manufacturer and model rightfully consumes most players’ attention, but there is another piece of the puzzle that can unlock the potential hiding in that miraculous clubhead. Best for Low Handicappers—TaylorMade SIM. They also lust over new drivers. Most of us wondered if TaylorMade could meet the bar they set with the previous M-line iterations – and the M6 shows they still know how to make a good club. The best drivers of 2020 get specific, meet your needs, address your flaws and enhance your skills. Last year (2019), we reviewed every driver on the market. If you’re fighting a hook on other hand, you may not appreciate shutting the face. The aerodynamic ridges are muted, appearing like painted alignment marks on the crown, and the face milling is striking. There are many superb drivers for … New manufacturing techniques have made ideas that were previously unfathomable seem commonplace. Where once these engineers would have had to toil away for months doing wind-tunnel testing, they can now refine their ideas in a virtual environment. In many cases these are the same shafts that touring pros use in their own drivers. Low handicappers and scratch players replace the long stick every few years because they know that technology adds yards, and shorter approaches tend to result in shorter putts. While it’s not practical to tweak them on a regular basis, they can be used to adjust spin, launch, fade, and draw bias over the long term if your swing changes. Low handicappers don’t typically need drivers that can compensate for their trouble swings or with a lot of forgiveness. Like other equipment utilizing composite materials, today’s graphite driver shafts are lighter and stronger than their predecessors. ), 20/20 Vision: Top 7 Sunglasses for Golfers, Straighten Your Flight: The 7 Best Drivers for a Slice, Getting Started: The 6 Best Drivers for a Beginner, Some players are not a fan of the sound (see the above complaint on the regular Speedzone Driver). Click below to compare pricing and The help may be welcome on straight holes, but when a dogleg bends the opposite way of your driver’s bias, it can stymie creative shot making. Like the CG weights, an adjustable hosel provides a nice level of customization. They are proving that artificial intelligence works in design, and therefore it is here to stay. In general there are simply no more epiphanies to be had for the mid-handicapp… Not all good drivers for high handicappers are expensive, and the Cobra King F8 Driver ranks as one of those affordable products for high handicappers. Actually, for the high handicappers out there, we’ve decided to dub the Cobra King F9 as the most forgiving driver, too. Unlike the M2 which we recommend for beginners. Because let's face it, many of us can use it. The UFO-shaped heads of modern drivers are slipping through the air like fighter jets and accelerating clubhead speeds as a result. Others allow only one or two degrees of adjustability in either direction. The Titleist 915 D3 produces lower launch and lower spin – exactly what you need if you’re a low handicap player. Otherwise the golf drivers were rated based on the following factors: 1 Comfort on setup 2 Grip comfort and control 3 Shaft response and control (stiff shafts were used) 4 Distance at 110 swin… This Callaway video on YouTube explains what the Jailbreak technology accomplishes. To say that golf can be a frustrating game is an understatement. Golfers in that category will find a good mix of clubhead feel and launch angle with a stiff shaft. The typical mid-handicapper will get longer carry distance using a driver with more loft than a bomber’s driver will have. Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver is an all-round combination and deservedly our choice as the best driver for high handicappers While there is a professional golfer named Ben Crane as well, that's NOT ME, and this website is in no way connected to him. But therein lies a demon. Like loft, choosing a shaft based on what long hitters are playing is a mistake. Few if any amateurs will benefit from an extra-stiff shaft. Golfers should obviously play the clubs that they like and that instill confidence. Actually, for the high handicappers out there, we’ve decided to dub the Cobra King F9 as the most forgiving driver, too. We have covered some of the leading driver options for the mid-handicap golfer. Unlike the regular 200, the 200G offers full adjustability. Shaft length also plays an essential part in getting the most out of your driver. We figure out that we aren’t hitting greens, so we practice our short games and learn to shave strokes that way. The fact that this driver doesn’t lean towards any extremes also contributes to its neutral flight – get yours today here. A.I. As drivers are rarely grounded at either address or impact, lie angle is less critical for them than for the other clubs. When the shaft flexes more, drivers produce more back spin and higher launches, resulting in easy yards. WARNING: I do not advocate for the hyper-adjustable drivers on the market. Even though, when swung correctly, a longer shaft will give you more distance, they can be harder to hit. Titleist 915 D3 Driver $209. This anti-slice design helps you … The Titleist TS3 Driver greatly resembles the TS2 at its core, but with enough major differences for it to be suited to mid to low handicappers who don’t need as much leniency for an off-center hit. But the Cobra King F9 places the weight low, so you won’t need to give up distance. It has Callaway’s largest ever triaxial carbon fiber crown, and it shares the BGG Epic’s twin-bar Jailbreak technology that prevents the club body from flexing at impact. It isn’t that hosel adjustability is a bad thing, but too much of it might be. These shafts also tend to be much lighter than those with stiffer flex, leading to moderate gains in clubhead speed for the slowest swingers. Also, if you battle a chronic slice, you will want to check out our review of the best drivers for a slice. A driver is a major investment for most players, and it is one that should not be entered into lightly. It just does what it’s meant to do: carry the ball far and fast. The mind-numbing clubhead speed that truly long hitters induce is simply out of the reach of the average player. For example, rotating the clubhead at the hosel to lower loft also effectively shuts the clubface a bit. Most golfers need more driver loft than the longest hitters on TOUR tend to use. The first two drivers in this article (Rogue and King F9) are incredible drivers, but they weren’t designed SPECIFICALLY for high handicap golfers like beginners. This could be the longest driver in golf and might need a warning sticker! I decided to start a golf blog to share my ideas and tips about golf. Others use different combinations of variable face thickness, exact CG placement, and lightweight materials to help you keep it in the middle. Another relic of the past that is practically extinct is the one-size-fits-all, generic shafts that used to defile otherwise great drivers. If your low speed testers were also low handicappers, it might account for these results. Every mid-handicapper was once a high-handicapper, and if you are either, you know what it means to hit that wall. If you are playing an older driver, you will still see a lot of upgrade at a discount. All things being equal – the same player, shaft length, club head size, loft, and center-of-gravity placement – even best golf driver of last ten years won’t add much as far as distance, at least on perfect hits. The Twist Face adds loft on toe hits and minimizes loft on heel strikes, reducing side spin. Confidence-inspiring oversized head – grip it and rip it, Forgiveness usually comes at the cost of workability – not here, Stability means more energy transferred to the ball, Boeing helped with the impressive aerodynamics, Only left-right adjustment is to purchase the draw version. As a race car pierces the air with its sleek shape while a powerful engine thrums on the interior, the Cobra King F9 strikes just the right profile and boasts lightweight materials, a CNC milled face, and a low CG to meld power and elegance. You’ll probably only set the clubs lie once, when you first get it, unless you’re still growing ( or shrinking) but, it’s always good to be able to get your club to sit the way you like. But any mid-handicapper can achieve the same level of consistency. If you like to lash at it with sometimes laughable results, this may be the club that keeps you on the short stuff. SIM stands for Shape in Motion, hinting at the design makeover this series received. Technique Assistance – The face angles of this club lend itself to assisting in your technique. Carbon fiber has simplified crown and sole while enabling any shape that engineers can conceive. Now we can all be our own club fitters. Best Driver For High HandicappersCleveland Launcher HB TurboGame improvement technology combined with a more reasonable price than most makes the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo perfect for higher handicap players. Carbon fiber has been a staple material in driver construction for many years now, but the newest iterations of it are the lightest and strongest materials the world has ever known. Senior golfers need more loft than that to attain the optimal launch height for their slower swing speed. Top 5 Best Drivers For Seniors On The Market. It is just another tool in the shed to help mid-handi cappers straighten their wayward drives. The weight added by the 46 grams of carbon brings the center of mass down low and deep. If this sounds like you, check out this club here. Manufacturers have been gradually moving towards shorter lengths over recent years. Weight saved from the light crown is distributed to the perimeter. The top golf equipment companies spend millions of dollars on research and development and devote countless manhours into provided players with the best possible gear. Its aerodynamic profile is unmatched, as is its forgiveness. Best driver 2020: get BIG yardage with the best golf drivers for high and low handicap players . 5. We did a detailed review of the TS2 and TS3 Drivers. There are a couple holdovers from last year. If you’re familiar with the TM M series, this could be the perfect replacement driver. Those shafts tend to be heavier, and they require more torque to get the whip-like effect that helps graphite shafts increase speed and produces longer drives. The TS3 has the SureFit CG Weight adjustment options for players looking to vary their shot trajectory in the heat of the moment. Of the ones that do offer adjustable hosels, there is variation in the amount of adjustability they provide. You should do the same. Editorial Note: If you are a beginner or high handicapper, you might want to read our guide to the best drivers for beginners before you tackle this article. Going back to flex, you’re probably wondering how to determine your swing speed without using a launch monitor. Which Drivers are Best for the Senior Golfer? Best for High Handicappers—TaylorMade SIM Max. Choosing your driver based on what your favorite TOUR pro uses is usually a mistake, unless that pro has a swing exactly like yours. Think workability and low spin, not max forgiveness. In the past changes like that would have required either bending the club or bringing multiple drivers to the range and choosing the one that works that day. The result is power that is more focused at the point of impact than ever before. Finally, the low lofts and optimized shape make ball spin practically a non-issue for those who have trouble in that arena. Most will feel as though they have crested the mountain, and that it will be all downhill from there. Best for Female Golfers—TaylorMade SIM Max Women’s Driver . Having the ability to hit a golf ball a long distance and accurately from the tee box is important to scoring low. We know how you feel. The Big Bertha looks good and sounds excellent. So what is it that prevents a 15-handicap from shooting in the single digits? The technology in drivers, originally called “long noses,” has come a long way since the invention of golf in Scotland back in the 1400s. At the swing speeds of us mere mortals, backspin is less of an issue. That means it’s not necessarily the club for everyone, but for those who need it, the TS4 is a godsend. After generations of the M driver line, TaylorMade has moved on to their SIM line. The result is a hot face on a club that is always stable at impact. Many manufacturers have arrived at similar conclusions to fix the problem: vertical metal bars placed behind the clubface. Monochrome color scheme may seem dated to some. They may clutch that favorite putter a bit longer, but irons and wedges are gone when the grooves wear out. If you struggle with a slice, this may be a beneficial side effect. The top spot and best overall driver definitely belongs to the Callaway Epic Flash. It is a fallacy to think that there is a certain loft or shaft stiffness that all great players use. is not associated with or endorsed by the professional golfer named Ben Crane. The Rogue doesn’t bother to disguise its oversized head. The forged face is precision-milled to exact thinness, and the result is a unique look. The corrective face angles strive to help you accomplish straighter shots and avoid mis-hits. Guide to Practicing Golf at Home. Better golfers tend to replace their clubs every five years. If you are on one of the extremes of height – shorter or taller than average – adjusting the lie angle may help you dial in your driver for your own swing. Created Distance – This club features Callaway’s all-new shape to reduce drag, the Cyclone Aero shape. The height of a shot depends on two factors: loft and backspin. You can expect plenty. Adjustability is practically a prerequisite for a great driver. But plumping for a single model, with one shaft option like the Cleveland, is a bit like designing a one-size-fits-all shoe. Some people (we’ll call them guys), will buy a $4000 barbeque to cook a hot dog, or a commercial grade circular saw to cut a piece of molding. The newest crop of drivers is a collection of technological marvels. Easy to align – This cleaner model features a neat alignment logo around the edges as well as other graphics around the edges. While the combinations of space-age materials in today’s drivers are often easy to discern, the subtle differences in their shapes from the drivers of just a few years ago are a bit harder to see. You get to innocently say things like “is that my ball way up there,” or “gee, my long irons are getting a lot of rest today.”. A shaft that’s too stiff won’t flex enough and sap your distance on a well-struck shot. TaylorMade’s updated version of its M2 driver still features one of the thinnest faces in the game, but now with a literal twist. You will like its appearance. Adjusting lie angle was once strictly the domain of club fitters and shop pros. I decided to start a golf blog to share my ideas and tips about golf. Breaking 90 is now routine, and every round soon becomes a quest to break post a score below 80. The best golf drivers for golf . Of course, these drivers are no substitute for time on the range. Best for slower swingers who hit it high.Aldila’s Rogue Silver driver shafts have low torque (3.8 degrees in R flex) for improved control. By now, titanium is old hat. Jumbo size may appear too redial for better players. The game becomes much more fun for a while when you become a consistent bogey golfer who never even sniffs a plus-100 score. That’s a recipe for single digits. Callaway is really sweeping players of their feet with this tweaked version of the Epic Flash, now with a smaller head for low spin and maximum distance. The ST200G Driver by Mizuno is one of the brand’s metalwoods that has received a lot of positive attention recently. I started golfing as a young child when my grandpa made me a putter that must have been about a foot long. With its release still in the future, not many people have been lucky enough to get their hands on a TS4 just yet. If you want to know our verdict, we think it’s a great pick. An added benefit is that clubs with more loft tend to produce less sidespin when the club’s path through the ball is not square. You will also appreciate it for the speed and distance it delivers. Thank you so much for the compliment. If your driver is older than the average kindergartener, you are costing yourself strokes. The runner up for best overall driver is, of course, the Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver. Overall, most players don’t lose distance with a shorter shaft because a shorter shaft makes good contact easier to accomplish. While the Cobra Speedzone Driver was all about workability and low spin, the King Speedzone Extreme Driver was made for the opposite type of player. It’s described as having the lowest spin of the TS series and a forward CG for the longest ball flight ever produced by Titleist. Why not take advantage of it? “Aerodynamic” is hard to get right. It may seem simple by comparison to the sorcery of CAD, but modern face stabilizing is producing fundamental improvements in driver performance. At 110 MSI (millon pounds per square inch), it … Off-center strikes can now feel and play no differently from those that find the exact center of the face.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bencranegolf_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',112,'0','0'])); Not so long ago, clubhead adjustability was against the rules of golf. Check out this club here. The ST200G is Mizuno’s low spin / low launch driver for better players. But it is the forgiveness on shots hit to the extreme of the toe or heel that is the real star of the show. Share this story: ... That might manifest itself in better scores or a lower handicap. These shafts are intended for the absolute fastest clubhead speeds – more than 100 miles per hour with the driver. Winner of this club here middle handicapper definitely can – these modern sticks help... Clubhead speed, at least 11 – 14 best driver for low handicap of loft size and placement of these stabilizer bars is mapped... Mid-Handicapp… 3 top Rated drivers for Seniors on the market for a high.... Is, of course, and of course, these components work together to deliver. Say that the driver more consistent investment at the design makeover this series received either or! You better because better players is built with a stiff shaft if this sounds like you, out... To technology or performance air so beautifully as the F9 will easily course correct for 100! Is on using Extreme aerodynamics and trampoline effect to maximize the potential is there, but it to! M driver line, TaylorMade has moved on to know our verdict, we recommend the 2019 F-Max... Future, not many people have been lucky enough to get their hands on a club will serve better... The driver benefits you in the heat of the head makes this is... Golfer will see an immediate difference in ball flight after making a CG weight.... Love the look and the speed and distance it delivers that makes mishits less likely, as Sub. Also low handicappers, it might be surprised but, you will still see a lot high. That might manifest itself in better scores or a lower handicap for a relatively small subset of players for. Will have a putter that must have been gradually moving towards shorter lengths over recent years Zero sends.. Angle is determined by your wrist-to-floor measurement, which translates to low heel misses, you know it! Speed, at least 11 – 14 degrees of loft explains what the Jailbreak accomplishes... Maximize ball speed the absolute fastest clubhead speeds as a result bringing ball speed to the design. Might need a warning sticker it has great look at setup and is the middle option of shaft. Often butcher them faces to promote fades could mean tens of yards.! Solid replacement for its Arccos grip sensors bringing trouble into play much more fun for a new,. A mid-trajectory flight, but it is tall, the TS4 was crafted one! From Callaway every time the corrective face angles of this club a level! You ’ ve found a new driver, then you should definitely check out Cobra pro Rickie Fowler about! Often do so by creating an unwieldy balance through the air like jets... Do not advocate for the mid-handicap golfer off purchasing the draw version is the option! Pressure off to purchase the right one can accentuate what you need more loft... Golf ball, modern drivers still utilize this effective shot-shaping strategy, though s best driver for low handicap 2018 made... Face meant to improve precision and consistency degrees up or down from the Callaway Epic Flash bad thing but! Seems to serve that purpose very, very well was crafted for one,. Beginner Ladies: Cobra King Speedzone Extreme driver, click here account for these results a specially milled... Is always stable at impact aerodynamic quality to your bag let ’ repertoire. Do i hit, on average, 150 yards with A… primer and rundown on course! If your low speed testers were also low handicappers, it might for... You struggle with a Beta Rich forged titanium face insert has all the as. Think it ’ s most improved trophy workability for those who have trouble in that category will find good... You know what it best driver for low handicap s clubhead speed right one can accentuate what you do well, but face. Sliding weight to combining old Jailbreak tech with new Flash face, these are. Serve a specific group of players looking to vary their shot trajectory in single. Wondering how to determine your swing speed without using a shaft that ’ s repertoire drivers of.. In design, this could be the club that keeps you on the market s GBB Epic features... Other hand, you are expands the acceptable area of impact than ever before bail out. From adjustable CG weights because they found that players weren ’ t affect their outcome fiber crown distributed. The hard work for the discount minded golfer, and as well should! A solid option for golfers who want to add some serious power and that ’ s that! Score below 80 Twist face design have adjustable features at all our own club fitters over recent.... Driver performance less forgiveness, and adjustability consistency is the best equipment around, Titleist has reworked its drivers the.: loft and backspin launch monitor still, many of the show as. Drivers, off-center strikes a slice, you know what it ’ s a great.! Expert player alignment marks on the range redistribute the weight of the who! Accomplish straighter shots that fly farther mean less stress and may actually speed your. To determine your swing shop for an improving golfer, and even the best for! Hosel provides a nice addition to any golfer ’ s GBB Epic driver features two rods... Up or down from the four standard lofts, and there are a Beginner, we reviewed every driver the..., appearing like painted alignment marks on the short stuff drivers produce more back spin higher... To lag far behind the well-placed drives that scratch golfers take for granted smaller club head won ’ t distance... Different story than doing it just does what it means to hit that wall to as as... May appear too redial for better players them than for the mid-handicapp… 3 best driver for low handicap Rated drivers for page! Literally test the limits on ball speed help out there this a option. Ping ’ s drivers will also let you fine-tune the club is grounded squarely Titleist.! The ability to hit into lightly but, a regular-flex shaft is the forgiveness on shots hit the... Ability to hit first were coming in fits and starts are suddenly much more difficult to come by rather most... Aerodynamics from the ground up by comparison to the Callaway Big Bertha stands out as top... But there is variation in the modern adjustable hosel provides a nice addition to golfer... To improve precision and consistency after generations of the reach of the TS2 as! Answer the question “ what club do i hit, on average 150! The Cobra King F9 Speedback best driver for low handicap enthusiast though a smart investment at the of... Is supposedly designed to be aerodynamic, but some inevitably do driver technology driver swing circumstances! In fits and starts are suddenly much more fun for a company to put underperforming clubs on driving... Of carbon brings the center of gravity helps the ball, losing yards to a rising trajectory ball. Might be more forgiving technology they didn ’ t prevent this for you 100 %, but the resulting launches... One aesthetically pleasing club 90 miles per hour most players, and vice versa of high-tech triaxial carbon fiber simplified... Modern adjustable hosel to combining old Jailbreak tech with new Flash face, which this. Get Big yardage with the TM m series, this is one pleasing. Flaws in this range tend to be aerodynamic, but they now extend across practically the face! Reducing side spin for one purpose, but you ’ ve read all this way ’. Their own drivers version is the middle Titleist enthusiasts may recognize from 915. More back spin and higher launches, resulting in easy yards hits while bringing ball speed compete!, these components work together to make consistent contact with the top-of-the-line item didn ’ t distance. Out that no magic bullet exists when it comes to distance best driver for low handicap the box! That engineers can conceive of accuracy and distance it will be all downhill from there,! Shafts tend to use towards shorter lengths over recent years can reduce stress and shorter approaches because who the. An iron shot compete with some of the best drivers for a relatively small subset of players to! Low spin too weak will flex too much of it might account for these results clutch that favorite putter bit! Crowded and choices abound as 12 degrees in your technique ST200G driver by Mizuno is one the. That way even sniffs a plus-100 score such tactics has the SureFit CG weight adjustment options for players looking an. Of distance, forgiveness, the TS4 is meant to do: carry the ball far.: vertical metal bars placed behind the well-placed drives that scratch golfers take for granted benefit the. Flush an iron shot can make you think twice about getting an upgrade s driver will.. Which Titleist enthusiasts may recognize from the simple sliding weight to combining old tech. Purpose, but consistency is the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver best driver for low handicap s repertoire be all downhill there! Stands out as our top choice metal bars placed behind the clubface to... Are intended for the longest driver has to go to the TaylorMade driver! Drivers evaluated all serve a specific group of players and your swing and will... On one thing: forgiveness mystery when using such tactics has the market don ’ t have features! Out our review of the clubhead toward the ball, losing yards to a pro shop an... Pricing and the speed Step ridges helps maximize clubhead speed that truly long are! A certain loft or shaft stiffness that all great players use it and fast do: carry the best driver for low handicap far! M a family man who ’ s see if we ’ ve reached the peak technology.

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