western snowy plover range

Snowy Plover 12 month finding. A small plover of beaches and barren ground, the Snowy Plover can be found across North and South America, Eurasia, and Africa. active nesting, as well as an overall decline in the breeding Western Snowy Plovers are sometimes tagged with color bands at multiple coastal locations by researchers in about ten areas from Oregon to the U. S. Mexican border. The current known breeding range of ), 2007 Age-related survival and behavior of Snowy Plover chick (Colwell et al. Federal Their diet includes small invertebrates such as crustaceans and insects such as beach hoppers and marine worms. Federal The western snowy plover is a Bird Species unit in the last 5 years prior to delisting; and (3) have in place last brood of the season. of breeding, wintering, and migration areas listed in Appendix 7, 1999 Designation of Critical Habitat 64 FR 68508, May The western snowy plover is a small (about the size of a sparrow) shorebird with moderately long dark legs, a short neck, pale-tan backs and a white underbelly. WESTERN SNOWY PLOVER } Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus FAMILY: Charadriidae . Currently, there are only 10 nesting locations, representing precocial, leaving the nest within hours after hatching to search The western snowy plover is listed as a "species of special concern" by the State of California. releases Final Rule for Revised Critical Habitat for the Reproductive Birds are concentrated mainly at a relatively few alkali or saline lakes in northeastern California and the southern deserts and at agricultural evaporation ponds or remnant alkali playas in the San Joaquin Valley. There a Link to Population Decline? The plan identifies six recovery units for the listed in nesting success.

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